Message from the Founder

Late Karamvir Shri Ambalal P. Barot


"Bharat to me, is beyond infrastructure and engineering. From its inception in 1977, we have strived to break traditional barriers and make impressions based on quality over glamour. Our humble beginnings and experiences have encouraged us to provide for ourselves and fellow Indians in terms of solid infrastructure that is beyond aesthetics.

In an epiphany that eventually lead to the establishment of Bharat, it struck me that construction itself was the art, not the artificial finishing that are oft mistaken to be. From inception to date and for the years to come, our aim has been, is, and will be to create developments that are not only of the highest standard of holistic construction, but more integrally are meaningful to the inhabitants or users of them."

Atul Barot

Chairman, Managing Director

Born in 1952, Atul Barot became the Director of Bharat at the age of 21. Over the years, he has preserved the heritage of his father whilst using his own experience to propel the business in diverse directions.

He is a strong believer of excellence stemming from collaborative efforts and thus always has and continues to choose to work with the most adept people within the industry.

Dhaval A. Barot


Dhaval A. Barot was born in 1979, Mumbai, India. Although he had a lucrative business that awaited him, he chose to pursue a MS in Construction Management from the USA, after receiving his degree in Civil Engineering in Mumbai. The curiosity to learn encouraged him to take up a job as Construction Manager at a well-reputed firm in the United States.

Finally, with two degrees and international industry experience, Dhaval returned to adapt and contribute his knowledge to his family business. The combination of his years of studying, working internationally and for a significant period as Director of Bharat have accounted towards giving him a broad and holistic understanding of the industry.