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How Home Automation will change the future of living?

08 July 2016

We are living in a digital age, where the advancement of technology is at such a fast pace, that we sometimes find it difficult to stay in touch with it! The best thing about technology is that it keeps developing, and what seems like a luxury today will soon become a necessity. For example, mobile phones were once a luxury in India, in the 1990s. And now, they have become a real necessity, isn’t it?

The same logic applies to home automation. Today, only the luxury homes have certain automated facilities related to the home security system, lighting system, remote controlled access across rooms, and so on. However, you can be rest assured that this automation is going to become a necessity in the future. And with the amount of smart devices (smartphones, tablets, smart watches, etc.) we have been using these days, it is only a matter of time that all these will help us get connected to every aspect of our life at home.

Let’s have a look at how home automation will change our lives forever in the future.

Advanced Home Security

Imagine having a home security system that can connect a large number of security cameras and other security devices, and that is easily manageable by anyone at your home from a web browser. Well, if you are waiting for this to happen in several years down the line, then, you would be surprised to know that home security provider ADT has already unveiled one such total security system for homes. Understandably, the future would see many such systems come out for public usage.

Another likely security device that we will see more of, is the video camera that comes equipped with face-recognition capability. It can recognize known faces standing at the door of your house, and send you notifications about when your kids or wife or parents arrive at home. If a stranger appears, then, the device would notify you via a message to your mobile phone, and you can watch a live video feed at any time. How cool is that?

Total Connectivity

While connectivity products such as the Bluetooth and WiFi are common things in some homes, they are yet to be fully developed. Generations to come are likely to experience living in homes that have complete connectivity with regards to home technology products. All the home appliances, electronic gadgets and machines, will be automatically connected to each other 24x7. That is the power of Internet of Things that could result in 100% connectivity for homes in the future.

Controlled Energy Consumption

One of the main concerns for home owners these days is the rising cost of living, much attributed to the higher standards of living and more importantly, higher consumption of energy by appliances and humans alike. With phones getting smarter day by day, the future is likely to witness similar smartness in energy products like smart thermostats that can easily track, monitor and adjust your home’s energy consumption / use without any major action required from your end.

There are significant chances of technology products coming up that can notify you when to shut down or stop using a particular home appliance, to conserve energy and make your homes efficient at energy saving. With increased focus on renewable sources of energy, you can also expect some devices being launched that shall help to reduce the carbon footprint and be more environment-friendly.

Voice Control

Amazon’s Alexa could be one of the torchbearers of how voice control assistants can make your homes even smarter in future. This smart technology product enables you to unlock your doors, turn off your lights, and even turn up your thermostat. You are likely to witness more improved products like Alexa that will use your echo to bring automation to your home.

Thus, we have seen a glimpse of how automation is likely to change how we live at our homes in future. If anything, the existing technology and innovation is only going to undergo a meteoric rise.