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Points to remember while moving to a Redeveloped Society

21 July 2016

As the population continues to rise in India, the space available, especially in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, does not prove sufficient with regards to accommodation. Hence, redevelopment of existing societies that have grown a bit old, is one of the best ways by which builders / developers are able to generate more residential space. And the benefits that the existing residents of such societies get are pretty good too, isn’t it? Else, why would any resident agree to leave his / her flat for few years during the redevelopment process.

Once the residents move in to their redeveloped society, not only do they get additional space, but, in most cases, they even get additional amenities. It is therefore important for them to take special care of these new developments so that they can enjoy them for a longer period of time. For many, the standard of living may change after shifting to a redeveloped society, especially in cases where slums or chawls are redeveloped.

Let us go through some of the top tips to remember while moving to a redeveloped property / society.

Best Practices to Follow In a Redeveloped Society

Higher Maintenance

It is likely that once you move to the redeveloped apartment, your flat maintenance charges would increase, as compared to what it was earlier. This is due to the additional space as well as certain key amenities like swimming pool, extra parking space, park, additional lift, etc. It is important that your account for this increase in maintenance fees while calculating your monthly budget. This will help you to pay the charges on time, and ensure that the society has enough funds at all times to maintain the additional amenities / facilities.

Responsible Usage

Once you start paying the increased maintenance fees, it is not as if your responsibilities are over. You need to make appropriate use of those additional amenities offered to you in this redeveloped space. For example, ensure that the swimming pool water gets changed frequently and making it dirty. Also, if you see some other society member not using it appropriately you need to request them to be careful so that such amenities can be used by everyone.

Similarly, if there is an additional ‘service’ lift introduced in your society, you need to ensure that the ‘normal’ lift is not used to carry heavy luggage or goods. This way, you can ensure the longevity of the ‘normal’ lift for all your society members.

Cleanliness Drive

It is of paramount importance that your brand new society (post redevelopment) stays new for a long period of time. For this purpose, all the society members need to ensure that the society compound, staircase area, park area, parking area, etc. are kept clean. Ensure installation of appropriate dust-bins within the society compound so that people can make use of them appropriately.

Apart from this, the society members need to ensure that the staircase and parks are cleaned on a regular basis so that there is no accumulation of dust and dirt that pollutes your environment. Also, there is a need to get the water tanks cleaned periodically so that everyone in the society receives non-contaminated water.

Improved Cooperation

No society can survive on its own, or just by contribution from a few members. Each and every flat owner needs to be aware of his / her responsibilities towards the society, and more importantly, needs to co-operate in every matter associated with the society. Everyone needs to understand that the society secretary, or chairman, or treasurer, do not get paid for donning that particular role. They do it to ensure the society functions along smoothly and there is peace and harmony maintained at all times.

So, members should regularly participate in meetings, volunteer to initiate good functions to be held in the society, etc. Also, for security of the people living in the society, everyone should request their home visitors to make an entry at the book log kept at the gate. There should be no special requests made to the security personnel to allow certain regular visitors without making an entry. The process should be equal for all, and must be followed strictly as security should not be taken for granted. This is a massive change especially for people living in chawls or slums earlier, where there were no issues of security as all homes were close by, and all doors used to remain open for majority of the time. But, in a redeveloped society, there are likely to be many homes with doors closed at most times.

Better Financial Management

The problem with some old societies is that they often take the accounting and finance part for granted, which results in lack of proper records as well as documentation. Once the society is redeveloped, all the members should start from scratch and make it a habit to have all the society documents maintained appropriately. There should be periodic checks done to ensure the original documents and their copies are safe.

Also, all expenses and savings, maintenance received, etc. should be logged time to time, and a professional accountant should be hired to handle the same. This way the society fund will remain healthy and can be used for any repairing activities or welfare activities for the society.

Hope the above checklist proves useful for people as they move to a redeveloped society.